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This land is unlike any other

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When you think about Canadians you might ask yourself, "Why are we the way we are?"
Well the answer is laying right under our feet, literally.
Fact is, it's this land that shapes us.
There's a reason why we run off the dock instead of tippy toe in.
It's because that water is frozen six months a year.
And that frozen water brought on a sport that we can call our own.
This land is unlike any other.
We have more square feet of awesomeness per person than any other nation on earth.
It's why we flock towards lakes, mountains, forests, rivers, and streams.
We know we have the best backyard in the world,
and we get out there every chance we get.
Because its not just the great outdoors we're chasing, its freedom.
And this place gives it to us at every turn.
Here, we're free to chill out, free to unwind, and free to wind up.
There's a beer that comes from the same land we let loose on.
And its brewed to be as clean, crisp, and fresh as the country it comes from.
So here's to everything this land gives us.
Molson Canadian, made from Canada.


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Social capital

  • less than 10